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‘Hard by was great Tintagel’s table round
And there of old the flower of Arthur’s knights
Made fair beginning of a noble time. ‘
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

King Arthur Way trail-mark

The King Arthur Way is a brand new long-distance pilgrimage route (or ‘legendary walk’) devised by author and long-distance walker Kevan Manwaring, stretching across south-west England – it tells the story of King Arthur, whose legend is intrinsic to the psychogeography of the area.  Starting at the dramatic sea-castle of Tintagel (the place of Arthur’s conception and Merlin’s Cave) and culminating in his final resting place, Glastonbury Abbey and the Isle of Avalon, this 153 mile long walk is a mythic pilgrimage taking in key sites along the way that will bring the story of King Arthur alive.  Along the way, the historical and archaeological evidence will seek to reveal the truth behind Arthur – a composite of traditions, a clash of myth and history.

Highlights include: Tintagel; Rockey Valley; Arthurian Centre, Slaughterbridge; Brent Tor; Dartmoor, incl. Cosdon Stone Row & Shilley Pool; Chagford; South Zeal; Cadbury hillfort; Blackdown Hills; Burrowbridge Mump; Glastonbury Tor/Chalice Well/Abbey.